Social Innovation Lab

Most of the social problems aren’t individual problems but situational problems which can be solved by design.

We believe that creativity x empathy can create social innovations to make a better future for all of us. Here’s the work we’re doing.

Lensen Drawing Kit

Unleashing imagination through the sense of touch. Lensen is a drawing kit for children with visual impairment that creates a tactile line in real time that can be felt by fingertips.


A movie narrator for people with visual impairment. Pannana is an audio description mobile application that enables people with visual impairment to enjoy movies anytime anywhere.


Make rehabilitation fun.
Plakod is a video game-assisted rehabilitation that aims to increase motivation and build engagement for patients.


A semi-automatic audio description generator. Vohan utilizes machine learning to reduce the cost and time in generating audio description for people with visual impairment.

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