Video game-assisted physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation gamified

Physical rehabilitation is like going to the gym, sometimes it is quite boring. For children with neuromuscular disorders, their daily physical rehab can be quite exhausting both for body and mind. But not doing one will lead to muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Plakod aims to increase motivation and fun into the physical rehab by making it a game controller!!!

By using Plakod rehab equipment, user can play their favorite game while doing the rehab. Plakod can connect to most of the gaming platforms; Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS mobile games. Imagine stretching your shoulders while playing Mario Kart, or pumping up your legs muscle while playing Taiko no Tatsujin.

Plakod Hackathon

The key benefit of Plakod is the flexibility. With some switches and sensors, the rehab equipment can be basically anything.

In the hackathon, participants will learn about neuromuscular disorders and traditional rehabilitation. They will use this knowledge plus their creativity to design and make prototype of Plakod rehab equipment to rehab the same muscle in a fun and engaging way.