Employee with Disabilities
Recruitment Service

Employment is the basis for a decent life, in which people with disabilities can increase self-esteem, financial independence and freedom of choice.

Our Services


Providing overall consultation on employing employee with disabilities.

Job Analysis

Analyzing the requirements of the position in the organization to specify the possible type of disabilities.


Identifying and engaging the well-fitting candidates for interview and recruit. Processing all the required paperwork with the Government offices

Follow up

Following up, evaluating, and providing recommendations for a long lasting and happy employment

Inclusive Workplace Training

Providing an inclusive workplace training to foster a better understanding about the colleague with disabilities


Offering internship opportunity for students with disabilities as a first step to inclusive employment.

Government Tax Relief Measure

According to the Empowerment Of Persons With Disabilities Act, B.E. 2550 (2007), organizations with more than 100 employees must employ an employee with disabilities or provide a support within these 3 options

Article 33: Hire an employee with disabilities as a usual employment same as other non-disabled employees, with the same amount of benefits according to the company standard. (Gain 200% tax deduction)

Article 34: Pay a contribution to the Fund for the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in the amount equals to the provincial minimum wage per day x 365 days. (Gain 100% tax deduction)

Article 35: Provide any other assistance to the disabled person or the disabled person’s caregiver such as offering concession, providing a place to sell products or services, outsourcing contract, vocational training. (Gain 100% tax deduction)

Whether you want to hire an employee with disabilities, pay a contribution fund, or provide an assistance, Klongdinsor can help you find the best solution.

Inclusive Workplace Training Program

One of the key challenges in employing employee with disabilities is communication, to make sure that everyone in the organization from management level to entry level understand why we are hiring this person and how should we work together as a team. Good communication leads to low turnover rate of employee with disabilities and a happy and inclusive workplace.

Klongdinsor offers a wide range of inclusive workplace training programs for management level, for HR department, and for general staffs. Through a lecture + activity program, the participants will learn about:

  • Why diversity is important and beneficial to a team
  • Different type of disabilities, their strength and limitation
  • How to engage and work with colleagues with disabilities
  • Available assistive technologies and how to use them
  • Government tax relief measure and related laws and regulation

Internship Program

Providing opportunity for students with disabilities to get a working experience in an actual work environment while learning about diversity in your workplace.

Care to offer the opportunity?

How employment can change lives

When I have completed working for one month, I opened the mobile banking app and was confused about where the money came from. I thought for a moment to know that it is my salary (smile). In the past, I have enough money for just one month. However, now I am starting to have savings I am starting to life goals. I want to own a house. I want to travel to various places. Earning more income allows me to think about their future more. I am more capable of making my own life choices, instead of waiting for someone else to help me.

Mr Jintanakarn Sakulratphon (28 years) 
Visual impairment, Low vision 
Decathlon salesman

Each type of disability have their own skill sets. I’ve just realized that people with hearing impairments can also communicate with us, just in their own language. I’ve totally changed my perspective since I didn’t limit their capacity by the word “disability”. When I get to know them, I feel empathy not sympathy. I feel like let’s go together.

Nattaphon Jansawang, CEO of Gorilla Service
Hearing impairments’ Employer